I am a Rheumatologist at the Billings Clinic (Billings, MT – USA).

I graduated from Medical School in Brazil. In the United States, I have completed Medical Residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA and Rheumatology Fellowship at the University of Southern California.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Julie says:

    Just want to say “Thank you!” I was referred by my regular doc and the sports medicine guy because of my swollen knees and ankles with no apparent cause. (Been getting bigger and more painful every year) You did a great job of explaining why they sent me to you and also that I didn’t have any of the feared conditions. Because you took the time to talk to me about my condition and lifestyle you were able to tell me that you suspected it was ligament related, I was able to review what I had been doing that may have been aggravating my condition. You also did an MRI to look for ligament damage, which I appreciated. While the MRI did NOT show ligament damage, I have stopped doing the things that may have been aggravating my joints. I was able to research things I could do to improve my situation and I have seen a little improvement. I hope I will eventually have a full recovery. It is unusual for a doctor in a specialized field to think outside of that field to possible causes. I have had very few doctors talk of anything outside their field of expertise and look at the body as a whole. You have the ability to do that which enables you to see a bigger picture of possible causes. Keep up the good work! If I ever need a good rheumatologist I hope to see you then.

  2. Donald S Hiroto says:

    Re: “Must-have Smart Phone Apps for Clinicians”. Thanks for this gold mine of smart phone resources!

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